chimera |kīˈmi(ə)rə (noun)
: an organism composed of two or more species.

What if a bunny wants to swing from trees? What if a monkey really likes carrots? What if an elephant wants to fly? What if a bat wants to be super strong?

Chimeras make all of this possible. With interchangeable ears, arms, and legs, Chimeras makes plush toys more dynamic and more fun.

Chimeras come in pairs, so that kids can start exchanging body parts immediately. Ages: 3+.

Order Chimeras Mix 'n' Match Plush Chimeras @ $39.95

Avik’s background was in product design. Rich’s background was in graphic design and illustration. We met in architecture school and started a long back-and-forth about a wide range of project ideas. Soon after graduation, we started a design firm in Portland, Oregon. We affectionately refer to it as a “design sweatshop” where we do a combination of graphic design, product design and architecture.

In 2010, we released a product of our own called Rock Band, which was the first watch band designed for iPod nano. This created a media frenzy and launched an entire brand of Apple accessories known as iLoveHandles.

Long before we were thinking of Apple accessories, we had ideas for toys that were fun and that allowed kids to be creative. Chimeras is our first such toy.

Good job, Vat!

Another example of someone doing a better job selling our product than we do… Avik: Good job, Vat! Avik: We’re idiots.
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Chimeras on The Grommet!

…we’re pretty excited about this:
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Chimeras on TV

Months ago, a customer bought multiple sets of Chimeras and sent an email asking if they could use them in a TV show. They didn’t mention the name of the show or try to talk it up at all, which is often th
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Series 2!

It’s time for some new species! We have a Panda who wants to be taller, best friends with a Giraffe who likes bamboo. And why should mammals have all the fun? We have our first bird and amphibian: a
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Chimeras Take Manhattan!

Toy Fair, booth 4411
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Mo Bunny Mo Problems

Since the first batch of Chimeras arrived last week, we have been very busy boxing them up and getting them in the mail for our first customers and stores. Last night, when my wife went to put our youngest
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Chimeras on KTLA

Tara from Tweak99 talks about Chimeras on KTLA morning news (#1 morning news show in LA)
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Walrus Toys on Instagram!

Check it out: @walrustoys
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Hi all, Check out some photos from the Chimeras launch at the New York International Gift Fair at the Javits Center in New York. We got a great response from buyers who really liked our innovative stuffed
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We are getting ready to do our first tradeshow at NYIGF in New York.
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