1-Take Animals Out
2-Take Them Apart
3-Create Your Own

chimera: |kīˈmi(ə)rə (noun)
: an organism composed of two or more species.

What if a bunny wants to swing from trees? What if a monkey really likes carrots? What if an elephant wants to fly? What if a bat wants to be super strong?

Chimeras make all of this possible. With interchangeable ears, arms, and legs, Chimeras makes plush toys more dynamic and more fun. They come in pairs, so that you can start mixing and matching immediately. Watch how their personality changes with each new combination…and how their bewildered look stays the same.

Chimeras are good for creative kids who want to make their own species — and good for tinkerers who just like taking things apart.


Putting your kids to bed can be hard. (We’re happy for you if it’s not, but no one wants to hear you brag.) Who can blame them? For kids, the bed is a pretty boring place. Well, it used to be…Snoozefests are beautiful duvet sets that turn your comforter and pillows into fun activities.




  1. offensive to the senses, especially through having a disgusting smell or taste or being unpleasantly soiled.
  2. wicked or immoral.



  1. a heavy, loose, and ungainly movement, or a sound made by it.
  2. a total failure.

We like to think of Foul Flops as Garbage Pail Kids meets the NBA. There are two types of cards: the Old Farts and the Newbs. You can buy them in packs of three and trade with your friends, buy each card individually, or get the entire series.

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