We make toys that look good, but don’t just sit on a shelf.

Avik’s background was in product design. Rich’s background was in graphic design and illustration. We met in architecture school and started a long back-and-forth about a wide range of project ideas. Soon after graduation, we started a design firm in Portland, Oregon. We affectionately refer to it as a “design sweatshop” where we do a combination of graphic design, product design and architecture.

Toward the end of 2010, we released a product of our own called Rock Band, which was the first watch band designed for Apple’s iPod nano. This created a media frenzy and launched our first brand ILOVEHANDLES. That led to several other companies and what we call “concept companies.” Walrus Toys was the second.

Let’s face it. The toy world can be tacky. Well, if we’re talking about toys that kids play with. Then there is this other world of good looking toys that adults buy and put on a shelf. We are consumers of both, truth be told. But we wanted toys that were fun for both kids and adults; toys that look good but don’t just sit on a shelf.

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